Natalie McFarland – Owner McFarland Productions

My life revolves around ranch life, horses, the cowboy culture and photography.

I grew up on a ranch. I currently live on a ranch with my husband. I have had horses most of my life. I’ve competed in rodeo and showed in all the disciplines. That’s why McFarland Productions can produce amazing images of ranchers, riders and ropers.

I can see the unspoken, indescribable bond between horses and people. Even more, I can capture it.

A glance, a suggested move translated with a slight shift, or light touch. Instant. Subtle. Powerful.

That connection extends to people and the places they love. Their home. It’s a feeling. Comfort. Peace.

Being able to give back and work with the cowboy and ranching community through photography and videography is my way of staying connected through my work. It gives me the opportunity to help preserve this precious way of life.

A way of life not everyone appreciates or understands.

It’s a passion of mine.

It’s really who I am.

Capturing the combination of people and places and perfect moments in time is also what makes wedding photography and videography so rewarding.

Two people.

One heart.

One mind.

One moment.